Yoga For Arthritis

Yoga | Ayurveda | Naturopathic Perspectives
Reduce Joint Pain | Improve Joint Flexibility and Function | Lower Stress and Tension for Better Sleep

Yoga for Back Pain

Kick Away Backache | Back Pain | Low Back Pain Purely Naturally

Yoga for Leg Pain

Soothe Tired & Swelled Legs and Feet with Yoga

Yoga for Kidney Stones

Don't let the stone pain & struggle to crush you.Take care of your kidney's and stay healthy

Yoga for Cervical - Spondylitis

Are your shoulder ready to take the burden of fast-paced life

Yoga for Digestive Health

Are Faulty diet, tension and lack of exercise are the chief cause of impaired digestive health.

Yoga for Thyroid

We all know people who eat fat, while others need only to think of food to put on weight. Are We Talking About You?

Yoga for eyes

The eyes see the eyes reflect emotions, communicate, happening. If we learn to keep the eye steady then the brain gets steady and we are able to 'see' with clarity!

Yoga builds bone

Strong bones are essential for maintaining good health at every stage of life.

Reduce stress-related hyperglycemia

Are patients with Diabetes at increased risk for COVID-19 infection? Do you know-Yoga is a promising, cost-effective solution to treat diabetes. Wondering, how? Reduce stress-related hyperglycemia and have a positive effect on blood glucose control.

Want to control your blood pressure?

Are patients with hypertension at increased risk for COVID-19 infection? Wanna know the effectiveness of Yoga for Hypertension? Want to control your blood pressure? Join our live Yoga session on Hypertension and improve your circulation.

Increase body height by Yoga

Aren't you satisfied with your child's height? Searching for ways to grow taller? Don't worry join our live session on how to kick grow your child's height with yoga.

Boost your heart health

Don't let Coronavirus lockdown your fitness. Say Yes to Yoga. Increase Heart capacity. Improved heart rate. Boost your heart health. To know how to join our live session

Prepare your respiratory system

Do you know- Yoga , Meditation can help us deal with Coronavirus anxiety. To know how join our live session today how to prepare your respiratory system against COVID-19 pandemic.

Boost your Immune system with Yoga

Don't let Coronavirus lockdown your fitness. Say Yes to Yoga. Increase your immunity with our daily yoga session.

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Deepak Dadwal

The idea of live session came when the lockdown was implemented and I thought the knowledge should be passed on to the mankind. Its a small. effort to help each and everyone in this severe crisis

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  • Excellent services, very good experience. Genuine charges Few days ago suddenly I got acute pain in lower body portion, I was unable to move , As per my believe in naturopathic system, and doctors Confidence , I got cured fully, in few sessions only Thanks a lot

    Jaya Singh
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  • We have a wonderful time here! Sir teach us kindly and we have improve a lot as we learn for 2 month. I think here is the best place you can learn yoga, improve your health and have a good day every day!

    Google Review
  • Its truly an amazing experience , with the expertise and comfort the yog audhdhi brings to table is mind blowing . How the small changes recommend by yog audhdhi in the day today life gives us such big results is something unbelievable. Three cheers to Yog Audhdhi for making such wonderful changes in my physical as well as my mental being.

    Sunny Kalra
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